Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Contractor's UNITE


Zygote has  had a whirlwind time  since our last post. We recently were in no-man's-land as far as zoning with a local retail district not sure that "print shop" didn't mean a Jak Prints or KINKOS.  Thankfully, after a 49 day waiting period, we forge ahead. Our permits are approved and we are just letting the contractors forge ahead. Our demo party and some post stripping (the wall paper-not our clothes) ensued and we have already opened up the back porch and they have installed some of the plumbing and some electrical. 

We have been meeting for Merchant meetings so we are all squared away and there has been spoke really great press regarding the neighborhood street scape and activities.  We participated in the August 1st Walk on Waterloo and developed some Waterloo Posters we can use for takeaways. 

These photos are courtesy of Karin McKenna who  even makes the  fugly spaces beautiful. 

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