Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making a Mark

Today was a good day for Zygote's INK HOUSE.  Dave Craun and associate Hallie of Bialosky + Partners were by the house finalizing measurements for the drawings to be handed over to the contractor later this week. It's incredibly exciting to hone in on the vision for the space, decide where equipment will be placed, imagine the space with walls opened up, and boards off the windows.  Dave and his team are amazingly gifted architects who are cleverly and carefully considering all the needs for this new tight-ship of a printshop.    We installed a banner on the front porch to let passers-by know about what is to come on Lotus Street.  
Soon contractors will be hard at work to make this house a fully operational etching and silkscreen contract shop.   As I was attaching the banner to the porch,  our next door neighbor came by and introduced herself to us and asked about the plans.  She seemed excited to be gaining us as new neighbors and was very welcoming. The Print Garage will be the second stage of this project where it will provide the community with open air printing and engagement.     

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