Saturday, January 25, 2014


423 East 156th Street will transform into 423 LOTUS St. and be known as THE INK HOUSE, and be one of the many new hopeful new creative industries  to the North Collinwood Arts and Culture district. Currently, Waterloo is getting a one way facelift with the westbound Waterloo will be started again in the Spring when this frigid weather blows over. The Westbound Waterloo streetscape will end in summer of 2014. Merchants and businesses are open and working around the the construction, so don’t let that curb your visits to the area. Three new FREE parking lots are already complete which includes lighting, widened streets and walkways and way-finding markers to better situate visitors to the area. We are nestled next to a great artisan glass workshop called Azure Glass run by our neighbors Mary and Ben. Down the street the fantastic antics and architecture of Loren Naji will be a great destination and venue for installation and sculpture in Satellite. They are already taking proposals-so send away. We are starting this blog to keep everyone abreast of our project and to develop some excitement about support and opportunities to create editioned prints. See more to come…

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